About Us

Mission Statement

The East Boston Harborside Community School is a non-profit, incorporated, multi-service agency serving East Boston and the surrounding communities. The Harborside is charged with meeting the educational, social, cultural, and recreational needs of its service population including all ages and ethnic groups.

The East Boston Harborside Education Program’s Mission is to provide quality educational programming for the East Boston Community. The Education Program offers courses that will help residents improve their quality of life by empowering them with the tools to succeed in their jobs, furthering their education, and contributing to their communities through civic participation.

The Education Program is made possible through the generosity of the following funders:

MA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education and English for New Bostonians.



Carol Baglio- Education Director

Leah Gregory - Program Coordinator

Joanne LaPolla- Teacher Coordinator

Kathy Vitale- LACES Coordinator

Fabiola Gallego- LACES Intaker / ESOL Advisor

Lenin Umanzor- Technology Coordinator

Laurie Scorzella - Program Assistant

Jorge Rocha- Education & Career Advisor - ESOL

Simonetta Piergentili- Education & Career Advisor - ESOL

Blanca Paci- Family School Education & Career Advisor - ESOL

Michael Kelsen- Education & Career Advisor - HSE

Jerome Kiley - Distance Learning Coach - HSE